WITH the full implementation regulating the of use of plastic bags on May 1 in the City of Baguio and the Municipality of La Trinidad, Bakun has also passed an ordinance prohibiting and regulating the use of plastic bags.

On Tuesday, members of the Benguet Provincial Board gave favorable review on the ordinance “Prohibiting the use of plastic bags and other non-environmentally acceptable products within the municipality of Bakun.”

The local council of Bakun approved the ordinance on March 8, with the new law stating the “Ubon System” or the use of biodegradable materials be applied in all business establishments.

The dry section in all market or talipapa and sari-sari stores must use materials other than plastic bags like recycled paper materials.

“Alternative materials out of manufactured brown paper bags and banana leaves, whichever is applicable should be used. Newspaper, improvised or raw can only be utilized as a secondary wrapper,” the new law added.

“Plastic straws used for sipping soft drinks and other liquids are hereby prohibited. Market goers are encouraged to bring their own grocery bags,” it continued.

Packed processed foods, fish sauce, soy bean curd, bagoong alamang, shrimp, squid, blood, peeled fruits, cooked sago and gulaman, other wet goods are exempted from the law and allowed to use plastic containers as secondary fluid containers.

A penalty of P500 will be charged for first offense, P1,000 in second offense and a fine of P1,500 for the third and succeeding offenses for any violations of the implementing rules and regulations of the ordinance.

In the event of non-compliance under the penal provisions, the offender will be charged in court and penalized with a fine of P2,500 and an imprisonment of five days at the discretion of the court.

A three-month transitionary period for the use of plastic bags and other non-environmental materials in all business establishments.