WE CANNOT gradually feel the summer heat in this tropical country. Others take this time to have a vacation. It's weather too fine to just let it pass and spend indoors. There are many ways to enjoy it to make your summer this year a memorable one.

1. Hit the beach

The heat is on. What better way to counter it than to cool it off on the beach? With over 36,000 kilometers of coastline, the fifth longest coastline in the world, there are so many beaches in the Philippines that there's surely one nearby. Lounge by the sand and enjoy the refreshing sensation of the sea. Marvel at the beautiful marine life when you snorkel or dive and swim with the fishes.

2. Hike to the uplands

If you prefer the cold breeze and love to be up in the hills or mountains, take an adventure and hike to the upper regions. Get close to the clouds and watch the sunrise as it dissipates the morning fog. It's nice to sometimes be at the peak and have a bird's eye view of the plains below.

3. Travel to a new city

Take the time to familiarize yourself with some new surroundings, whether domestic or international. Backpack in a new city and explore it by foot or public commute. Blend with the locals and be with the locals. Taste their food, roam the markets and interact with the residents as you immerse yourself in it.

4. Learn a new skill

Try your hand at a new instrument, learn a new language or enroll yourself in something you wanted to study for a long time. It can be a cooking class, an art session, a computer lesson, or tutorials that will make you acquire a new skill that you can enjoy and earn money in the future.

5. Take on a summer job

Do you need some extra cash? Or do you want to have a different experience that you can include in your resume? Summer is usually the time when there are plenty of temporary jobs or financial endeavors available. Take it as an opportunity to do something that will help you discover more about yourself while earning additional income.

6. Do a home project

Get into some craft work, nurture a garden, or make some DIY home décor. Take advantage of the good weather to clean-up and do something artsy out of the recyclable materials you can gather. Who knows, you can even initiate a new venture out of it. It's also a great bonding activity that can be done by family and friends.

7. Volunteer in a community

If you want to do something worthwhile, volunteer in your church, locality or non-profit organization. Help clean the environment, beautify a facility, teach kids something interesting, or spend time with the elderly. No matter what, share your time with something or someone that can make the world a better place.

All photos are by this author. Claire Marie Algarme blogs at http://firsttimetravels.com. Follow her as @firsttimetravel on Twitter and Instagram and like her Facebook page First-time Travels blog.