A FOURTH public hearing is eyed for the proposed ordinance regulating the use of computer rental shops in the municipality of La Trinidad.

"The ordinance is to regulate the operation of computer rental shops. With the number of computer shops, we need one regulation most especially the entry of minors in these establishments. Basically, computer addictions are perennial problem we want to solve," said Councilor Roderick Awingan.

Awingan added that mothers have complained their children being addicted to computer while barangays have a hard time in the implementation, with the lack of specific provisions from the existing ordinance.

Computer shop owners and representative in each barangay poured suggestions during the previous three public hearings.

Local enforcement team of the existing law observed that there were a number of children into computers, while principals from elementary and high schools in La Trinidad said that students are now engaged in stealing for computer rental.

Awingan believes children six years old and below should not be allowed inside computer shops.

The proposed ordinance indicates that minors are only allowed from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. daily and are required to submit an authorization letter from their parent for special schedule.

With a comprehensive enforcement, Awingan said the barangay, La Trinidad computer shop coordinating council and the mayor are authorized to implement the proposed ordinance.

Recel Ambacang, president of the La Trinidad Computer Shop Owners Organization, said on April 10 that their 211 members support the move and have the ordinance strengthened.

"We are seeing the positive effect of the ordinance. We have formed a group seeking for the local government unit and the parents in the valley to help us computer shop operators in the implementation," added Ambacang.

In 2017, the municipal business licensing office reported more than 300 computer and other similar business establishments offering internet and gaming services.