TWO more employees of the Cebu City Government were found to have been using illegal drug during a surprise drug test done by the Cebu City Office for Substance Abuse and Prevention (Cosap) yesterday.

Cosap Chief Garry Lao said that 98 workers from the Cebu City Assessor’s Office (CCAO) underwent a surprise drug test and two tested positive for the use of illegal substances.

So far, 19 City Hall workers already tested positive for drug use since Cosap started their tests this year.

Lao said that one of those who tested positive for drug use is a job-order (JO) employee, while the other one is a casual employee.

“Since there is no employee-to-employer relationship with the JO, that worker will no longer be renewed while the casual employee (services) will be terminated as it is the policy of the City Government,” Lao said.

The surprise drug test for CCAO was already its second time this year.

Cosap conducted the first surprise drug test for CCAO last June 30, where five workers tested positive and whose employment was terminated.

Cosap has administered surprise and mandatory drug tests to a total of 732 employees in City Hall’s nine departments, including newly-hired workers. (RVC)