FOR its 20th anniversary, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino invited guests to celebrate the milestone with them all dolled up in the glam and glitz of the “Roaring ‘20s.” Passing by a red carpet, decorated doorways and a vintage car parked outside, guests entered the event room by going through a passageway glowing with warm balls of light and an elevated LED floor displaying pictures of Waterfront’s most beautiful amenities.

The Gatsby-inspired gathering brought about a spectacle of dazzling lights, entrancing entertainment, sparkling decorations, delectable dishes, a magnificent cake and lively music for everyone to enjoy. The program also included a video expressing gratitude toward the employees and management of the hotel—those of whom were said to have been responsible for its growth and development through the years. Waterfront also gifted guests with a sneak peek of its newest video and jingle.

“Twenty years ago, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino was established—bringing to life the wish of putting gracious Filipino hospitality in the forefront of the tourist industry,” said Anders Hallden, general manager of Waterfront Cebu, during his speech. “Since then, it has rapidly gained people’s fascination with its majestic structure overpowering the city with an image of splendor and luxury—Waterfront was indeed to become one of Cebu’s most famous landmarks.”

As the usual host of some of the country’s biggest events, the “castlesque” establishment has become one of the city’s most iconic monuments and has established itself as a primary entertainment destination, through the years.

So what is there in store for the future of Waterfront Cebu? Hallden added: “In its efforts to uphold only the highest levels of standard, Waterfront will continuously update and improve the facility and the state of the amenities. There are a lot of projects ahead of us. It is very exciting indeed.”