THE world’s most experienced country on the drug war is China, not as a victor but as a loser. It suffered its most humiliating defeat in the Opium War. Insulted more when it was forced to sign the Treaty of Nanking where Hong Kong was ceded to the British Empire. But the worst provision was that China was compelled to open five ports to allow the British merchants to continue flooding China with opium from India (another British Colony).

Taw Kwang, the Emperor of China, declared war after his sons all died of opium overdose. The personal vendetta became the nation’s war, but the British knew that they could easily defeat the more than one million soldiers of China against their few thousand soldiers even before the first burst of gunfire, why? Because China has long been defeated by the British when the Chinese became opium addicts.

China is a wise nation, a student of history. It already knows how to invade a country and make its own strong. China dispenses the fastest justice on drug crime. Drug users are forced to undergo treatment and rehabilitation while manufacturers and peddlers killed with speedy trial and execution.

China wants the West Philippine Sea and there is no need for it to fire a cannon to invade our country. What it needs, and does, is to flood our country with the modern opium, now called shabu. All the shabu seizures in the country for more than three decades comes from China. It also has all its essential chemicals and precursors, including the chemists.

It is foolishness to believe that shabu or its chemicals from China are smuggled to our country. It must have the consent of the State. There is only one rule in China: it does not care if you transport shabu outside of China but never ever sell it or make it available in China itself.

This is the true state of the drug supply problem. Thus our president must plead to China to stop by diplomatically saying, help us in preventing the entry of shabu from China, the only source of drugs in our country.

If our president could achieve this, there will be no need to kill street pushers and launching anti-drug operations in Filipino homes because no shabu would enter our seaports and airports. No drugs, no users.--Clarence Paul Oaminal