“Making the Impossible Possible.”

Unity makes the impossible possible. With it comes the strength needed to produce the desired effects of an endeavor.

“In unity, there is strength,” as they say.

Thus, even the seemingly impossible things can be accomplished. This is because people who are united have one mind, one heart, one vision resulting to one powerful effect.

One mind makes people united as people who think in similar ways are geared to do similar things. There is no need for further explanations or elaborations for people with similar perspectives. They automatically function as one together.

Real best friends model this as they talk about the same things, share the same opinions or even like to talk about the same topics.

People with one heart are no different. They literally share the same passion, making unity the binding factor among them. As they have one passion, their actions are done to fulfill that passion.

Members of a band illustrate this fact perfectly. Observe the attitude of musicians. They may not know each other during their first meeting.

However, one song may unite them as they hold their instruments and play the chords of that song. Because they simply enjoy what they do, their passion transcends whatever limitations there is among them.

People with one vision have one goal in mind. Therefore, every act they do is geared to the fulfillment of that goal. The ways of doing things may be different or the specific actions may have different purposes, but taken together, the actions would result to the attainment of one specific goal.

Unity makes men powerful, allowing them to transform difficult tasks into reality. History reveals that during times of great difficulties, unity solved the problems of nations.

The People Power of 1986 is a perfect example. At that time, the Philippines awed the whole world by modeling how unity can end abuse of power.

Hand in hand, the Filipinos literally threw the power of dictatorship to an end.

By being united, the Filipino people were able to end oppression, suffering and abuse of authority. In the history of the Philippine nation, this event made unity the enabler of a people revolution.

The people revolution is so powerful that it lasted for ages as an epitome of Filipino “bayanihan” culture, the culture where people help each other in the accomplishment of a certain task without any expectation of payment or service in return of the kindness shown.

The power of unity has Biblical basis in the book of Acts. There, the believers worked as one-man team. They acted as one, moved as one and believed in one God.

They lived together to the extent of sharing their own possessions for the fulfillment of one particular purpose. As such, the faith that they were able to establish lasted until the present times.

If we apply the same principle nowadays, would we be able to establish lasting impact for the next generations to inherit?