REGULAR inspections of all stalls should be conducted at the Baguio City Market to ensure the vendors' compliance with the city ordinance penalizing the use of deceiving lights that mask the freshness of products and goods.

This was among the recommendations made by the City Council Research Division to fully implement Ordinance 71, series of 2009.

In a report submitted by the division under local legislative staff officer V Dan Ricky Ong to Vice Mayor Edison Bilog, local legislative staff officer I Michelle Dulay noted that based on the tracking done, the said ordinance is not being fully implemented.

In the inspections, it was found there were stalls using reflectors to enhance the color of meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and other products.

It was suggested that the Baguio City Market Authority through the Market Superintendent's Office of the City Market Division of the City Treasurer's Office conduct regular inspections and dialogue with the vendors to remind them of the provisions of the ordinance and to ensure that they are complying with the requirements.

Dulay also recommended the amendment of the ordinance to increase the penalties and incorporate the suggestions of the implementing offices.

The ordinance imposes fines ranging from P500 to P2,000 and revocation of permits to operate.

Market Supervisor Fernando Ragma and City Veterinarian Brigit Piok recommended the use of fluorescent and Light Emitting Diode (LED) light bulbs instead of incandescent ones to reveal spots on fruits and vegetables.

They also discouraged the use of colored reflectors such as red cartolina or carton atop the lightings on meat products and banana leaves under them as these mask the natural color of the products.

The display counters for meat and fish products must be neat and trays or crates with filtering vents must be used for draining excess water. (Aileen Refuerzo)