SINCE I do not have TV at my place, I have been reliant to the internet, particularly YouTube, to provide some of my entertainment needs. So here are some of the interesting videos I found on the video sharing website:


How Facebook is Stealing Billions of Views

Channel: In a Nutshell – Kurzgesagt (

Length: 5:01

Views (as of Nov. 17): 1.84 million

Recently, Facebook announced that its video views have reached eight billion views per day! That’s a lot of views. However, In a Nutshell explains to us as to how the social media giant was able to gain this number of views per day through rigging their algorithms and auto-plays. It also tackles on how most content on Facebook are stolen and how it is affecting the content creators of YouTube. It is a very technical video but well explained and informative. The graphics used are clean and also helps you to understand what they are explaining.


One Man Into the Woods – Medley

Channel: Nick Pitera (

Length: 5:13

Views (as of Nov. 17): 71,574

The songs from "Into the Woods" are some of favorite Broadway Soundtrack. Nick Pitera creates this wonderful medley of the musical’s songs. Those who enjoy musicals will surely love this video. I also enjoyed his Disney Song Medley. If you enjoy Disney, Broadway, and one-man band videos then you should check out Nick’s channel.


What would happen if you didn’t sleep? – Claudia Aguirre

Channel: TED-Ed (

Length: 4:34

Views (as of Nov. 17): 366,672

I think the title says it all as to what the video is about. This is a very informative video showing what will happen to you when you cannot get any sleep at all. Just to give you a snapshot, not getting any sleep can cause psychological, physical, emotional, and hormonal problems, among others. As always, this TED-Ed video explains the topic clearly and the visuals really helps in understanding what is being discussed.


Pokemon Theme Song as Jazz, feat. Sara Niemietz/

Channel: Scott Bradlee

Length: 5:08

Views (as of Nov. 17): 175,975

I just love how Scott Bradlee puts a twist with popular songs. This time, he and his band renditions the Pokemon Theme Song to Jazz and sung by the wonderful Sara Niemietz. I am a huge fan of Jazz and I personally enjoyed this video. Another video I liked from them is when they performed the Powerpuff Girls Theme Song in Slow Jam.

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