WE'VE all faced this problem before. We have tons of photos in our mobile devices and we wanna transfer them straight to our laptops without having to go through the hassle of backing up your device’s data. What’s even more difficult is when you have a photo in your laptop that you want to transfer to your device. For a lot of us, we’d email it to ourselves or Dropbox it to ourselves.

I’ve been in that road before and, thankfully, found a solution via an app. It’s called Photo Sync. It’s both available for iOS and Android and you can download directly from their website. There are tons of information in their site as well that you can go through before deciding to actually download and install in your device.

Aside from the app that you download for your device, there’s also a companion app that you need to download for your computer. Install it and from there, it’s eezy breezy.

Once installed in your computer (and if you’re using OS X), I recommend keeping that app on your dock to make life even easier during the times you’ll transfer photos.

If you need to transfer a photo from your laptop to your device what you need to do are:

* Open the app on your device and make sure it’s the active app.

* Go back to your laptop, select the photos you want to transfer, drag them to the app’s dock icon and drop it there.

* After dropping it there, it will open the app’s window and will automatically transfer to photos to your device without you having to do anything else.

If it’s the other way around:

* Open both apps. Don’t worry if you don’t see any active window on your computer. As long as it’s already launched, it’s there.

* On your device, go back to the app window. If you’ve given it access to your Photos already, you’ll see all the photos stored in your device.

* Select the photos you want to transfer, tap on that red icon at the top-left portion of the app. It will open a window and ask you whether to send the photos that are “New”, “Selected” and “All”. Of course, tap on “Selected”. After that, the apps will take care of the transfer.

* On your computer, go to the Pictures (on Mac) folder. You can change the location or folder where the app will store those photos that you transfer.

This app has been a bane for me especially since I do photography with a camera. And I shoot RAW images almost all the time. I post process these photos on my laptop, of course. I don’t need to email it to myself anymore or wait for Dropbox to finish syncing folders so I can get the same file in my iPhone.

Just a few simple steps with the app and I’m done. It won’t even take me more than two minutes to do the transfer.

If you’re such a shutterbug, I highly recommend that you have this app in your device and your laptop. You’ll thank me for it.

Happy shooting!