OFFICIALS of the Metropolitan Cebu Water District (MCWD) and Barangay Kalunasan signed an agreement for the operation of a well in Sitio Hideaway, to provide services to the interior and elevated areas of the barangay.

In the agreement, MCWD commits to prioritize the residents of the barangay in the supply of water from the well.

The well, which has a production of 1,200 cubic meters of water a day, will allow the 900 consumers of MCWD in the area to enjoy stable supply of water. Before its operation, they only enjoyed a few hours of water every day and the problem worsens during summer.

The water district will conduct an inventory of wells located within the 150-meter radius from MCWD’s well. If proven that the wells are adversely affected by the operation of MCWD’s well, the water district will upgrade, repair and restore the affected wells.

Under the Local Government Code, the barangay will also receive a revenue share from the water district. To determine the actual production of the well, a team from MCWD and Barangay Kalunasan will conduct a joint flow meter reading.

On the part of the barangay, the officials committed to issue the necessary permits required for the operation of the well.

The signing of the agreement was done during the session on Oct. 13 at the Kalunasan Barangay Hall.

MCWD held a public consultation in August to explain to the residents how the new well can help them get a steady supply of potable water from the water district.

The operation of the well in the area is temporary. As soon as a surface water source in a mountain barangay in Cebu City is developed, the well will cease to operate and residents in the area will be supplied by the new source.

MCWD also plans to put up a 1,000-cubic meter reservoir in the barangay to have a storage facility.