Bzzzzz: Duterte ‘can’t accept an American president’



People normally wouldn’t quibble over the meaning of an idiom but the Davao City mayor has been putting his foot at the door to the president’s race, then taking it back so many times that one has to dissect what he says for a better understanding of what he really means.

He said his candidacy was “now on the table.” Did he mean it’s now up for discussion (meaning #1) or it’s put aside for consideration at a later date (meaning #2).

Those who have been urging him to run would be annoyed by the distinction but he has been so indecisive that his most recent “yes” can be a “maybe” which can turn out later to be a “no.”

Then there’s the other legal impediment that was pointed out some time ago after the deadline for filing COCs. The candidate Digong is supposed to be substituting (1) had long withdrawn his COC and (2) the post he filed a certificate for was a town mayor’s seat.

All this new hope and anticipation might turn to disappointment again.

... DUTERTE SAYING THE REASON HE’S RUNNING IS THE RULING OF THE SENATE ELECTORAL TRIBUNAL (SET) that Grace Poe is qualified as senator because she’s a natural-born citizen of the Philippines?

u201cI cannot accept an American president,” he said. Meaning, he cannot accept the ruling of SET and, if it’s upheld later by the Supreme Court, the decision of the high court.

And what happens to the reasons he earlier gave for not running: having no campaign money, opposition of his family, and his age and “imperfect” health?

... HOW THE SIXTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE MAGUINDANAO MASSACRE, which killed 58 people, including 34 media workers, came and went with fewer people remembering, much more commemorating it?

How long does outrage, or the memory of it, last?

* * *

Mayor’s weight loss

CANDIDATES for public office appear to be in a litigation mood: Tomas Osmeña has already sued a lot of people --by himself or, in some cases, allegedly by proxy--including his rival Mayor Mike Rama. Rama has threatened to sue his critics, particularly those in social media and peddlers of leaflets that call him a “a drug user.” Gov. Junjun Davide is being sued by a lawyer and by former governor Gwen Garcia over “neglect” of CICC.

One Mike critic, interviewed on radio, asked residents: “Look at Mike, he’s so thin.” How much did that basher contribute to the mayor’s loss of weight?

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