A HIGH-ranking officer of the Eastern Mindanao Command (Eastmincom) on Wednesday said that they have not monitored any presence of Isis (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) members in the area of responsibility of Eastmincom.

Brigader General Harold Cabreros, deputy commander of the Eastmincom, said they have not received reports of possible recruitment from the jihadist group in the areas of jurisdiction of Eastmincom.

"Sa ngayon, Isis-free ang ating area. But I cannot make assurance about this," Cabreros told reporters during the recent AFP-PNP press conference held at the Task Force Davao headquarters last Wednesday.

Cabreros assured they are conducting continuous monitoring on any Isis sympathizers and supporters in their area.

"Intensified monitoring ang ginagawa natin ngayon," Cabreros said.

But he clarified that Cabreros cannot determine whether the area of Central Mindanao is also Isis-free, following reports that hundreds of residents in some cities in Central Mindanao have allegedly allied with the terrorist group.

In a report that was aired on GMA's news program "24 Oras", Cotabato City Mayor Japal Gyani Jr. claimed that around 1,000 of his constituents have allied themselves with the international terrorist group.

Gyani also confirmed that most the Isis sympathizers and supporters are from Cotabato City.

Out of the 1,000 Isis sympathizers, at least 30 of them have undergone training under the Ansar Al Khalifah, another group associated with Isis, also tagged in several bombing incidents in Cotabato City in the past weeks.

Cabreros, however, reiterated not to tag or drag the Muslim community with the terrorist group of Isis.

"Majority of the Muslim community is aware of this terrorist group's existence and they won't be swayed easily," Cabreros said.