DRESSED in his best crime fighting gear, Alistair Dixon (son of James and Tasha) gathered all his superhero friends to come and join him as he celebrated his fifth birthday party at Bauhinia Drive. What a delightful party it was filled with treats and goody bags for all the children to enjoy! Happy fifth birthday, Alistair!

A beach party for Lilliana Sasnovski (daughter of Michael and Cristina) was just as fantastic as she turned two! At the Buyong Sarmiento Beach House in Mactan, her little guest friends all enjoyed the whole lunch and afternoon event for a dip in the water as well as trampolining to their hearts' content! Others took pleasure in building a sand castle on the side, it was just too cute! Happy second birthday, Lilliana!

A joint Pirate-themed birthday party for the Jarque brothers, Captains Gael and Iago Jarque (sons of Paco and Monique), made everyone’s afternoon a fun-filled one at Bauhinia Drive! Their mateys had a blast bouncing up and down the bouncy castle and wading in the pool. The traditional game of pabitin and a treasure chest piñata never failed to entertain everyone present! Food prepared by the boys’ grandmother Marilen Jarque was put together ever so generously! Ahoy, happy third birthday, Gael, and a happy first birthday, Iago!

Celebrating her fifth birthday, Reanne Sardon (daughter of Rino and Loyne) had a blast at the newly opened Drop and Play Homecare Centre in Cebu! Together with her closest of friends, the guests had fun in both the indoor and outdoor play with a Frozen theme.

Handouts included an exclusively designed handmade puppet made by Drop and Play. Happy fifth birthday, Reanne!

For Noa Chiongbian (daughter of Wesley and Laurice), her birthday festival entitled Noachella held at the Paradise Village Park was ever so colourful! Uniquely dressed in fun festival fashion, the celebrant looked like she had every inch a fab time! As guests entered, each was provided with a wristband with “Noachella” printed on it plus some fancy and feather-y headgear to put on for the event! The bouncy castle, too never failed to entertain Noa’s guests! The music on the other hand was just as fantastic most especially for the kids! The afternoon couldn’t get any better! Happy first birthday, Noa!

Start your engines for Cameron Mckowen (son of Christopher and Carla), who turned two! This racer-themed birthday party held at the Villa Mariquita was an absolute blast for both children and adults! The expansive gardens made the perfect venue for all the “race” cars! Cameron and guests were treated as well to a live dance and singing performance which entertained everyone at the party. With the cool weather and clear skies that afternoon/evening, it was the perfect time for an outdoor event! Happy second birthday, Cameron!

Come one, come all and welcome to the Carnival! Step right up and join the fun for the magnificent Nathaniel Ko (son of Osmund and Carissa) had turned one! This elaborate circus-themed party held at the Oakridge Pavilion Big Top was just truly amazing! Guests were treated to circus party food and games with endless amounts of prizes to be won plus take-me-home presents! Yes, it was ever so fun at the carnival! Happy first birthday, Nathaniel!