IF SELFIE is indeed a disorder, as diagnosed by an expert, then I am sick, very sick. So, what else is new?

It started way before the advent of smartphones and digital cameras, when ‘selfie’ was a word totally unheard of. Frequent traveling alone with an instamatic camera, one can hone his talent in taking solo shots unaided- no tripod, no timer, just the good old reliable forefinger pressing the shoot button.

I learned to pray more intently as well. With every shot there is the subconscious mind calling to heavens that it had to be a good one. There were only 36 shots (plus 3. Say yeah, if you can relate) and each shot had to be perfect. There was no way to check if it was a good shot until the photos get developed contact print, 3R, 5R or 8R (again, say yeah, if you can relate).

Taking another shot of the same set-up (aka “safety shot”) will mean minus one shot of a picturesque view in another place. That’s how precious (and expensive) taking photographs were in the past. Discretion was an operative word.

Then came the digital cameras and the smart phones. Documenting was suddenly easier. The unsightly can be deleted and replaced in an instant, the good ones are stored and developed into hard copies if wanted.

Correct me if I’m wrong. A selfie is a “sariling sikap” shot, a shot of yourself with your own hand pressing the shoot button. So, no matter how many there are behind you, as long as it’s your finger that pressed the button, that’s still a selfie shot, right? Where did the “group-fie” come from? Everyone’s fingers are on the shoot button? If someone else takes it or aided with a tripod, that’s not a selfie shot, but a solo shot, right?

Today, even someone else offers to have my photo taken I decline. I am not blessed with good looks that no matter what angle you take pictures from it will come out attractive. I know which angle works for me and I work on that- myself. Thank you for your kind offer.

So, I’m sick. So what? I am pretty sure I am not afflicted with this disorder. There is also this new phrase we use today, “Walang basagan ng trip.”

Happy holidays and expect more selfies in the coming year. I am not about to get well soon.

Sharing some of my best selfies this 2015.


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