Saturday August 18, 2018

Top movies of the year and disappointments

2015 has been a year of not just only good movies but also great ones that gazed our movie screens and monitors. This is a year filled with not only much anticipated films that turned out real well, but also those which were disappointments as well.

As the year is coming to a close, I decided to write my top pick for movies that so far have made good impressions leaving lasting thumbs up, as well as those movies that I had such high expectations but did not do well with my expectations. Unfortunately, since I couldn’t afford to watch every movie that was shown, I only based my top picks and the not so well-received movies on those that I watched in the cinema.

So I would like to start with the negatives. Those movies that where lined up for 2015 that I had such high expectations but failed to deliver that much hype created prior to their release.

First would be, the final blow to the James Bond franchise, Spectre. The movie was not bad, in fact it was totally entertaining but for someone who had such high hopes coming off from Skyfall, it wasn’t the movie I expected it to be. Entertaining, but it failed where Skyfall succeeded.

Pitch Perfect II was one of those sequels I had much expectation with since the first one was a wild card. No one expected it to be that good, and just swept off from under the radar then claimed its glory with critics and box office. Unfortunately, the blunt storyline was nowhere close to the original. Again, it was good but it could have been made it better.

Terminator Genysis, Transporter Refueled and Jupiter Ascending went head to head as a total jaw drop for me on how bad a movie plot and script could end up. For these three, no amount of special effects and action sequences could redeem them especially for the Transporter spin off.

But the biggest disappointment for me this year was, Fantastic Four. When the news about the reboot of the Fantastic 4 movie franchise came out, it was for me one of the best movies of the 20th Century Fox right after it successfully resurrected X-men from its Last Stand downfall with First Class and Days of Future Past. Unfortunately, they made the four heroes feel like a fall off where in when you expected too much from a reboot film.

Others in the list would be; Seventh Son, the Hitman 47, and the saddest would be Johhny Deep on Mortdecai, which has been considered to be Hollywood’s worst for 2015.

As for the top to the best movie for 2015, it was a hard pick since several movies played well into their storyline, plot and the chemistry of the entire movie magic.

5. Antman

I feared a lot for the movie to go wrong with how short sighted the initial movie trailers was. But even with multiple director changes, the movie turned out to be a unique Marvel adaptation. A lighthearted take away from the traditional super hero genre, but it was fun and totally entertaining. The humor-rich blend and shrinking thrill ride adventure was successful enough to capture the smiles of its audience. Although it was not as successfully crafted as its other Marvel movie counterpart, it did make its mark. Telling you that size doesn't matter but humor does.

4. Star Wars Episode VII: Force Awakens

One of the most anticipated films of all time, and yes it did not fail its audience as how much the box office could barely take. For a fan of the original Star Wars, the movie was a joy to watch. The action sequences, the new characters chemistry with the old original cast and the signature cinematography and more, again successfully capture its audience the old and new. It redeemed itself from the pit falls of the prequels and introduced us to a new horizon of better story line and plot. Most will agree that this is the best since 1983, and we waited for 30 years for the force to finally awaken.

3. Kingsman: the Secret Service

To my very own surprise, a lot of people didn’t see this movie coming. A huge moment when you realize on the cinema that this is neither James Bond, Jason Borne and Ethan Hunt but a young an assuming guy who just wanted to prove something, and damn they proved it well. The most fun I had at the movie theaters since John Wick with just as much over-the-top action. Bloody, funny and unique take on the world of spies, and for the first time decapitating someone’s head just became one of the best fireworks presentation in movies.

2. Inside out

For an animated film, this movie was just too much for my emotions to bear. This was far too different from all movie’s Pixar previously made in terms of how seriously emotional it got, but it did make its mark into the hearts of its audience.

The movie successfully examines the human emotions of a teenage girl in a way that makes it highly relatable to any gender or age group. With amazing graphics and a tight and unique script, it had its audiences laughing and teary-eyed. A must see film for years to come.

1. Mad Max: Fury Road

2015’s best movie for me is something that goes out from my criteria of good storyline. But what it lacked in a good storyline just compensated it all in the most visually entertaining movie in decades.

Fury Road for me is the best movie of the year for the reason that it was simply an amazing choreography of chaos with a masterful blend of concise cinematic art, creative interludes of destruction and mayhem. Never could I have imagined that for almost an entire two hours of massive action and car chase, it never felt boring or did it occurr that I was left wanting for more. The cinematography was beyond its elements, creating amazing angles with flawless precision, with total fluidity. No matter how chaotic the situations were, the shots were just so amazingly clean.

Not to mention the soundtrack performed in the movie in the craziest presentation. The fire-bursting guitarist, drumbeating warboys and the 64 speakers that beat the music into the entire mixture of explosions and death defying vehicular circus was an orchestra of hell-bent proportion, but provided an enormous entertainment to everyone.

The 70 year-old George Miller pulling off something crazy yet amazing exceeding every expectations, he challenged the norms of digitally enhanced movie in shooting the film in real life situation using what is known as “practical effects” in that they really did ride into the desert with guys dangling off of poles snatching people from moving vehicles. And all of these in the time and age when blockbuster science fiction post apocalyptic movies are being done behind the green screen and post processed computer manipulation – Mad Max: Fury Road was a spectacle on its own.