SELF-EXPRESSION is a powerful privilege of fashion designers. And what else incarnates this privilege but their own creations. If they can’t personally don their masterpieces, at least the designs come to life on their own. The freedom to channel the inner self is what Cyrus Velasco has achieved in his latest set.

Presenting an experiment of sinister flair and neon temperament, Cyrus defies the heat by bringing to the table these summer glamour-inspired items accenting the clout of diamonds. The designs, as he would describe, are the children design of his capsuled designs.

“Shine bright like diamonds whenever, wherever, because you can,” the 30-year-old designer dared.

A Barbie doll aura flows out in Cyrus’ attractive long gown of hot pink tulle fabric made enchanting by a shower of acrylic stones from Dubai. The gems ornament the entire garb in a descending sequence of purple to light pink—a drama personifying the creator’s burst of imagination at work even in the smallest details. A radiant glow under the April sun, the piece manifests Cyrus’ boldness as a person that whatever the season is, confidence permits him to interpret his emotions.

Injected with the same understanding of the command of diamonds is Cyrus’ black Italian satin fabric dress. Also peppered with acrylic stones from Dubai, the flower-patterned wear exudes a dashing macabre twist of London fashion—a “red carpet statement” as Cyrus would label it. A fitting match is the masculine counterpart, a mien of black knitted top and checkered pleated shorts. The whole dark mood tells of the melancholia that the designer experiences once in a while yet translating it into emancipation, instead of succumbing to its curse.

Cyrus earned an airline management degree at Indiana Aerospace University in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu. But he was sure his calling was in a totally different universe from airplanes and high altitudes. His first step was to enroll in a vocational course, where he was equipped with the foundation of pattern and dress making. From there, a business in sewing was started in his own atelier at home. Cyrus’ forte is gowns and casual outputs of simple basic cuts and clean finish.

In 2007, the amateur joined the third Cebu Young Designers Competition. He landed on the seventh spot out of 40 contestants. Cyrus is also a member of Fashion Inc. Cebu, an association of young designers under Clothes for Life Foundation.

Passion made him venture into fashion which is more often than not, the case with many creative minds. But it’s self-expression that buoys Cyrus’ couture affair.

“I am me every time I create designs,” he expressed.