Sunday July 22, 2018

Sharp to boost market share through Omotenashi

SHARP opened on Monday its new concept service center in Davao City, along with the introduction of an all-encompassing customer service thrust that aims to raise the standards of service in the country.

Called Omotenashi, this new approach in dealing with customers focuses mainly on building a relationship of trust through fast, efficient and quality service to customers.

Yoshifumi Takeda, of Sharp's Customer Service Division Asia, said that aside from improving further the company's products through innovation, they are also bringing in the Japanese approach on effective customer service to the Philippines to further expand their market in the country.

"Through Omotenashi, we transfer the Japanese style of operation to the Philippines. This is a new concept to mett customer satisfaction and we are happy to introduce this scheme to improve our relationship with customers," Takeda said at a press launch at Seda Hotel, following the opening of its newly-renovated service center in Bo. Obrero.

He said they are also introducing this new scheme to other Asian countries, such as Thailand and Myanmar, where "we are expanding our network this year."

Omotenashi is the Japanese word for "hospitality" - but it means more than that as it reflects service as "an art form."

For the Japanese, Takeda said, Omotenashi is the only way to treat a guest or a customer.

Nick Tack, Sharp Phils. Customer Satisfaction Service senior manager, said Omotenashi is a "simple word but with multiple meaning."

"The approach is not new or alien to our culture. Showing respect, we do that with the goal of exceeding the people's goal," he said. "A sincere hospitality is simply the art of good manner and right conduct."

He said through this new approach, they will continue to prioritize after-sales service as part of the company's "products."

The newly renovated service center in the city bears the look that Sharp is planning to execute for the rest of its service centers. At present the company has 142 authorized service centers and 22 service centers.

With its opening and the launch of the Omotenashi customer service thrust, Sharp aims to solidify its philosophy of providing innovations to the Filipinos to make daily life better and more convenient.

It focuses on the small details that make a big difference - whether it's arriving five minutes earlier for a product pickup for repair, or following through a week after the repair to check up on the product - and the bigger picture: the 1-1-1 initiative, which promises a 1-hour revert, one-day response, and 1-week repair; the 48-hour installation guarantee for split-type air conditioners; and the 10-year warranty on all no-frost refrigerators.