TO COMMEMORATE the discovery of the holy image of the Señor Santo Niño, Kaplag 2015 International Conference was held in Cebu City Saturday, April 25.

The conference will tackle about the historical background on the finding of the image of the Santo Niño de Cebu, architectural characteristics of early Augustinian churches in the Philippines, and the Augustinian general curia’s historical documents about early Christianization of the Philippines, among other topics.

The four-day event is held at Radisson Blu Hotel from April 25 to 28.

On Saturday, the key speakers were Maria Serena Diokno, chairman of the National Historic Commission of the Philippines; Fr. Luis Marin de San Martin, OSA, Archivist general of the Order of Saint Augustine; and Fr. Fernando Martinez Rojo, OSA.

Those who are interested to join the conference may may visit Radisson Blu Hotel. (Ojharra Catherine Manlosa & Pia Noreen Bilar, CNU Communication Arts interns)