THREE people died after a lesbian went on a shooting rampage in the house of her lover, a policewoman, in Calape, Bohol last Wednesday night when she couldn’t find her.

Maricel Ramos, 39, shot the 72-year-old mother and two brothers of PO1 Rosalie Cuario, 33.

Ramos shot Rosita Guisihan Cuario and Vincent Cuario, 51, in Rosita’s house, and Joel Cuario, 45, in his.

Rosita and Joel died. Vincent was rushed to a hospital in Tagbilaran City where he remains in critical condition.

Ramos, who fled to her house after the attack, also died when responding police shot her after she fired at them.

Supt. Ricky Delelis of Bohol Provincial Police Office (BPPO) said police investigators are looking at jealousy as motive of the attack, after reports surfaced that Ramos got mad at Rosalie on suspicion that the policewoman was in another relationship with a policeman.

PO1 Cuario was a member of the augmentation force from BPPO that helped secure the Sinulog and the 51st International Eucharistic Congress in Cebu last month.

Ramos allegedly used a .9mm pistol, which PO1 Cuario had won in a raffle draw in 2014.

Initial investigation showed that Rosita, a widow, and Vicente were inside their house in Barangay Ulbujan when Ramos arrived at 6 p.m. and asked where PO1 Cuario was.

PO1 Cuario was not around.

Other news reports said PO1 Cuario and Ramos had been together for 11 years. Ramos had helped Cuario finish a degree in education in a Calape university. Cuario did not pursue a teaching job but joined the police force instead in 2011.

Ramos shot at them with a .9mm pistol, a gun PO1 Cuario had won in a raffle in 2014 and given to Ramos.

Rosita was shot in the head.

Vicente was hit in the right arm and chest. He survived.

Afterwards, Ramos went to the house of Joel and shot him in the face.

Ramos then fled to her house in Barangay Liboron, also in Calape town.

Responding police officers led by Calape Police Station Chief Cresente Gurrea and BPPO Director Senior Supt. Dennis Agustin asked Ramos to surrender.

But Ramos opened fire at the policemen, who fired back and fatally shot her.