THE Supreme Court (SC) wants to return to the Cebu City Government the property in the South Road Properties (SRP) that was donated to them almost six years ago.

They are asking for the donation of a bigger lot instead.

The SC is eyeing a 1.5-hectare property out of the 10-hectare Government Center in the SRP, which is located across the lot of the University of the Philippines, particularly near the land Bigfoot Entertainment has leased.

That property is more than double the size of the 7,123-square-meter lot that the City donated to the SC for the use of the Court of Appeals (CA) sometime in 2010. That donated property sits near the hill where the SRP’s welcome sign is located.

In a proposed deed of donation for the new lot, the SC said it is seeking a bigger area so they can build a judiciary complex or a new Hall of Justice.

Quake’s effect

It will house all trial courts in the city, the trial courts of the CA, the offices and hearing rooms for the Sandiganbayan and the SC, and other judiciary facilities and service buildings.

“In October 2013, a 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck Central Visayas and weakened the structural integrity of the Chief Justice Marcelo Fernan Hall in the Capitol, forcing the courts and other justice sector offices to relocate to temporary facilities. There is a need to build a new and iconic Hall of Justice,” the proposed six-page deed of donation states.

Mayor Michael Rama has already agreed to the donation of the bigger lot as a way of recognizing the need for a new Hall of Justice and in support of the judiciary’s infrastructure program, the proposed agreement added.


Among the terms and conditions under the draft deed of donation is that the SC will be given the 1.5-hectare lot free from all liens and encumbrances.

The SC, in return, will transfer without cost to the City the 7,123-square meter lot previously given to them.

The City will also have to agree to release the SC from its undertakings under the memorandum of agreement it signed in April 2010, covering the donation of the 7,123-square-meter lot.

That includes the development of a 15-meter-wide concrete road with drainage and sidewalk in front of the lot.

The City will also have to do the geodetic and other technical surveys to determine the boundaries of the new lot to be donated to the SC, among others.

The proposed deed of donation is still being reviewed by the City Legal Office.

After that, it will then be endorsed to the City Council, which will decide whether or not to approve it and pass a resolution authorizing Rama to sign the deed of donation on behalf of the City.