VICE gubernatorial candidate Nerissa Soon-Ruiz yesterday condemned those who spread the rumor that Provincial Board Member Thadeo “Teddy” Ouano has died.

“The news circulating is not only un-Christian but also an act of desperation among those who are against the Ouanos. Instead, they should say a prayer to help ease the pain former mayor and Board Member Teddy Ouano is undergoing,” Soon-Ruiz said.

Soon-Ruiz, the running mate of gubernatorial candidate Winston Garcia of One Cebu, said that the Ouano family needs sympathy and prayers during these times.

Ouano is the fourth mayor of Mandaue City after the 1986 Edsa Revolution. After Martial Law, lawyer Vicente S. dela Serna became the OIC-mayor in 1986. Dela Serna was replaced by Dr. Restituto Soon when he (dela Serna) became congressman in 1987). Soon was followed by Mayor Alfredo “Pedong” Ouano from 1988 to 1998. Pedong was succeeded by his son, Thadeo from 1998 to 2007.

Soon-Ruiz believed that the act is not from Mandauehanons who are clannish and who respect their fellow Mandauehanons even if they have political differences.

“This is a work of a politician who is not from Mandaue and who wants to be elected in office,” Soon-Ruiz said.

When sought to comment, Rep. Luis Gabriel “Luigi” Quisumbing, who is not a native of Mandaue City but is running for mayor against Ouano’s daughter, City Councilor Enmarie “Lollipop” Ouano Dizon, denied that his group is behind it.

“Mandauehanons know that our team has never been known to engage in mudslinging and dirty politics,” Quisumbing said.

“We don’t know where the news started but all we ask is respect and your prayers for Papa Ted,” said daughter-in-law Cheryl Ouano.

Dr. Paulus Cañete, who is running for congressman in Cebu’s sixth district under One Cebu Party, said that he went to pay Teddy a visit and “he is very much alive.”

“How can our opponents be so inhuman by saying something that is not based on truth? It’s very malicious, and un-Christian. It is sad to know that there are people who are so heartless and so merciless,” said Cañete.

“It is hoped that these people (who spread the false information) are not running for public office. We don’t want bastards to be part and parcel of our political system because politics is a beautiful art of governance,” Cañete said.

Ouano, who is running for board member under One Cebu for a third term, has announced that he has cancer.