A DRINKING spree led to a bloody end when a security guard allegedly stabbed his colleague to death over a previous personal grudge that resurfaced when the two got drunk.

Homicide investigators said it was not a good that Jelly Pase, 21, shared bottles of beer with Jefferson Cudiera, 34, in their rented abode in Sitio Paray, Barangay Kasambagan, Cebu City.

Cudiera and Pase had a previous altercation, which their other colleagues thought had been resolved until the incident happened last Thursday night.

Pase died from at least 33 stab wounds in the different parts of his body, said PO3 Diosdado Parejas, who led the investigation of the Cebu City Police Station 4.

Santiago Gerodias, 27, told the police he was drinking his share of beer when he hear Pase and Cudiera raised their voices as they spoke to each other. He said he could not understand what they were talking about as he was already drunk.

Gerodias told the police that he thought it was only one of the normal verbal tussles they have in their drinking sessions until Pase punched Cudiera in the face.

Cudiera hit Pase’s face back until it turned into a fistfight, which only ended when Gerodias stood and, despite the dizziness, tried to calm the two men down.

Cudiera, who was already above Pase that time, immediately freed the victim and left the sala to go to his room.

Parejas said that Gerodias thought it was the end of the fight.

A few minutes later Cudiera came back, carrying a nine-inch kitchen knife and stabbed the back of Pase until the latter’s body was wrapped in his own blood.

Cebu City Emergency Medical Services physician Ezekiel Roi found no vital signs on Pase when he arrived with at least 33 stab wounds in the body.

Parejas said Cudiera must have fled after the crime. Pase was a resident of Tanjay, Negros Occidental.