CONGRATULATIONS, Class of 2015! Cheers for reaching another milestone in your life! What is next for you? Have you made plans for the next phase of your life?

If you just graduated from high school, perhaps you already thought of where to go for college and what course to take.

If you just received your bachelor’s degree, you are most likely thinking where will you apply for work. You may be asking yourself, “Do I want to find work right away? Do I have the luxury to rest for the summer before I start looking for a job?”

Some may think of getting married already, or work in their family business. Some will continue school to get a master’s degree, or proceed to law or medicine.

Whatever you plan, we need to prepare for the next stage of our lives. Of course, there will always be adjustments.

Life in college is different from high school. There will be more workload but more free time. The professors are stricter. There will be more students in the university with diverse cultures or religions and varied personalities.

Remember these few tips when going to college:

*Be yourself. Don’t pretend to others. You don’t need to please everyone.

*Join clubs. Make use of your spare time to volunteer in school’s activities. Be sure that it is a school-accredited club.

*Choose new friends wisely. Let your friends bring out the best in you; Say NO to peer pressure.

*Keep in touch with your family and “old” friends – Confide in them; share your day. These days, it is easier to communicate with them though social networks.

*Talk to your counselor/teacher – When things are not well, or you feel confused, visit your teacher or go to the Guidance Office. You can find a friend there.

Life after college can be overwhelming. Suddenly, your friends are going back to their hometowns and you rarely see each other. Everyone has a new life, new friends. You will be on your own. However, there is always the option to keep in touch.

When you’re ready to look for work, it may be easy to find one so easily. But it takes time to find the “perfect” job right way. It takes patience and perseverance. Never give up. There will always be something there waiting for you. Sometimes, you may go to several work places before you find it. Just pray for it.

Good luck in your next adventure, graduates!