AN Australian who has been linked to the death of another foreigner inside a vehicle reportedly fears for his life and safety, his lawyer said yesterday.

Aisa Ratcliffe, wife of Craeg Keith Ratcliffe, met with their legal counsel Inocencio de la Cerna, who appealed to the police to hold off the manhunt.

“We are worried that any untoward incident may happen to him (Craeg Keith),” de la Cerna told Sun. Star Cebu in a phone interview.

De la Cerna said that the Australian’s family is requesting the police to put off the manhunt until a formal complaint is lodged against Ratcliffe.

Police have been looking for the Australian who was tagged in the death of another foreigner, Timothy Avery Wilson, 60.

Wilson’s charred body was discovered after firefighters doused the flames that engulfed a sports utility vehicle in Sitio Lower Busay, Barangay Busay, Cebu City last March 17. The vehicle, a Toyota RAV4 model, was ownedby Ratcliffe.

Ratcliffe allegedly owed Wilson US$500,000. The two were reportedly partners in a mining business. Wilson lives in Barangay Tajao, Pinamungajan town, Cebu.

Supt. George Ylanan, the Cebu City deputy chief for operations, said Ratcliffe has been considered as a suspect.

A witness also saw Ratcliffe buying gasoline from a refilling station across the hotel in Busay where the suspect stayed.

Homicide Section Chief Elisandro Quijano earlier told reporters that they could not conclude yet that the body belonged to Wilson until they get the autopsy result and dental records.