I WAS surprised to read Angie’s article printed last week entitled “The Greatest”. I had wanted to write about the Pacquiao–Mayweather fight, but was busy last week. She beat me to the punch!

But I shouldn’t have been surprised. After living together for many years, spouses do sometimes think alike and have that uncanny 6th sense of knowing what the other is thinking of. Some even think alike, in many ways!

I was not an avid fan of Pacquiao till after he became a world famous household name. Since then, I have not missed watching his fights.

By tomorrow, the world will know who the winner will be; not necessarily who the better fighter is! Boxing is a very dynamic sport.

That’s why I have been “addicted” to it since I first put on a pair of gloves in November of 2012. Since then, I have been a regular boxing enthusiast, doing 4 to 6 rounds of mitts, and 4 to 10 rounds of sparring 6 to 7 days a week. While I do 2-minute rounds of mitts, sparring rounds have been reduced to 30 seconders! Yes, the rest periods in between rounds last longer, at 2 minutes each! That’s what age does to one’s body! As they say, “the spirit may be willing, but the flesh is weak”.

Regardless of what the varied predictions of professionals are, as to the outcome of the fight, I still believe that a “lucky” punch and/or one major error can make or break the record of either fighter. With both fighters so skilled and so prepared, no one can really be sure of the fight’s outcome. Bookmakers and professional gamblers may set the odds for bets, but it certainly can go either way. If I had a P100 bet on Mayweather, I would still be happy to lose that amount, and have Manny win!

I respect him for the humility he displays when he speaks vs. the pride that spits out from the mouth of Mr. “Money” Mayweather!

Proverbs 11:2 says, “When pride comes, disgrace follows. But when humility comes, wisdom follows.”

We have also heard of the generosity of Manny Pacquiao with the less fortunate. However, in my opinion, his use of wealth can be a bit showy at times. At the rate he spends money and with the type of some company he often keeps, I would not be surprised if his wealth will one day be squandered away, or taken advantage of by some of those around him.

Nevertheless, at this point, I join our countrymen in wishing and praying for all the best for our boxing icon and ambassador of goodwill, our champ, Manny Pacquiao!

Manny, may the world continue to be your ring and your stage as you proclaim your faith and the word of God!

My Dearest Boxing Aficionados,

My father has always disliked boxing. He called it “inhuman” when one person beats up and harms another human being.

I am glad they have done away with 15 round fights. Nevertheless, I wish fighters would wear headgears to protect their heads. Some fighters, even the good ones, suffer irreparable injury due to the absence of protective gear.

Boxing, just like other contact sports, requires a lot of exercise, practice and skill. I am glad I do it simply to keep in shape and stay fit. I enjoy the dynamism and the challenge of trying to outwit and outpunch the other, without causing harm or injury to one another.

Unless, one reaches the big time like Manny, it is seldom a monetarily rewarding sport. May my boxing friends at Burnham Park continue to treat it as a sport and as a good form of exercise, and not as a means of livelihood.

To my boxing coaches, trainors, and spar-mates, thank you for your patience, time and efforts in training a super senior boxer!

For me, as in everything I do, it’s not just about winning. It’s about being the best we can be, in all that we do, in whatever we do.

Pray. Persist. And Persevere!

May God be glorified!