Chicken Teriwarp

THE Burgainz (burger) is of lean beef and good, so said the carnivores around me while food tasting at this new joint in an arcade along Torres Street. Since they’re foodies, I will take their word for it.

I don’t eat red meat, I told the owners. So they served me the Chicken Teriwrap (cubed chicken in teriyaki sauce and wrapped in pita bread with thin slices of ripe mango at P79.

It was tasty but a bit too sweet for my taste. The ripe mango-teriyaki sauce combo may have caused the increased sweetness.

I don’t mind having it again but I would be ordering the sauce on the side and drizzle according to (my) taste.

The Whey Shakes (vanilla or chocolate flavors, from P59 to P85) are the great summer coolers and a perfect pre and post work out drink. It’s can make a good pairing for the Protein and Nutri Waffles with your choice of topping, too.

This can be the gym rat’s go to joint.

Happy Fit Nutrition Hub

Unit B-16, Plaza de Bole, F. Torres street

If you want an Indian cuisine and like your chicken spicy, this is the place for you. Pankaj has a variety of chicken dishes- the Tandoori Chicken (P90/order), Chicken Biryani (P130/order), Chicken Curry and Chicken Masala (P60-small; P200-large order) are among the popular ones.

The chickens (and the other dishes) are prepared using authentic Indian spices. Typically served spicy (hot), the biryani and the breads (Naan and Dosa) can (perhaps) soften the blow of the spice (after several spoons and bites).

To the spice lovers, the breads make the best bowl wipers (as in wipe the last drop of sauce off the bowl).

Other dishes, vegetarian and meat dishes (mutton) are on the menu.

The place is non-air-conditioned and the food is really spicy so I suggest bring your own fan.

Pankaj Indian Cuisine

Sayon Building, Aurora Quezon Street

Sapphire Road

Not a chicken dish but can be a good accompaniment for one. Marco Polo Davao food outlets will be serving its sister hotel’s April Drink of the Month-- The Sapphire Road. This drink is a refreshing mixture of brandy, calamansi, mint leaves, Palawan honey, and beer, strained into a glass filled with crushed ice and calamansi spiral.

Don’t chicken out on this one.

Served in all food outlets of Marco Polo Davao

C.M. Recto Street


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