THE officials of Ludo Power Corp. (LPC) yesterday appealed to the Cebu City Council to give a favorable endorsement to their proposed coal-fired power plant in Sawang Calero, a project that cost P3.8-billion.

Once the legislative body gives the go-signal to the project, LPC community relations officer Nelson Yuvallos said they will be calling for a referendum to know if the majority of the residents in the barangay are for or against it.

“In the event we will lose in the referendum, our company will automatically cease all activities and we will announce to the public that we will terminate immediately our project,” he said in appearing before the council.

Ludo, he added, will terminate all the paperworks they are undertaking.

The suggestion for a referendum first came up during the public hearing for the project at Sawang Calero last Sunday, which was called by the council committee on environment.

If Ludo will win in the referendum, Yuvallos assured that all concerns by the people and groups who are against the proposed coal-fired power plant will be taken cared of.

“And it shall be the guidance in the conduct of our operations,” he added.

The Ludo official went on to say that his promise to create a monitoring council for the project still stands and it will be composed of the environmental groups and advocates such as Greenpeace Philippines and Sanlakas.

They will also be inviting the Cebu Chamber of Commerce Inc. to be part of it as well as the leaders in every sitio of Sawang Calero.

Yuvallos said Ludo is willing to sign an agreement with the council pertaining to the said conditions for the referendum.

He also said Ludo is willing to spend and cover the cost for the holding of the said referendum.

According to Yuvallos, they need the endorsement of the council now because they still have to comply with a lot of documentary requirements.

Councilor Alvin Dizon, though, said it will be “inappropriate” for Ludo to shoulder the cost in the holding of a referendum.

He would prefer that it will be handled by other agencies or by the City Government itself.

Councilor Sisinio Andales believes, though, that it would still be premature to endorse the project now since the committee on environment headed by Councilor Nida Cabrera is yet to render a report about it.

Cabrera asked Ludo that she be allowed to finish first the committee report, which she will submit for deliberation to the council during their regular session on Wednesday next week.

Cabrera also said she still has a meeting today and tomorrow with several stakeholders about the project.

Ludo is hoping that the committee on environment will consider the project, saying it will also help ensure the stability of power supply.