A CARWASH boy was found dead recently at Barangay Sta. Rita in Macabebe town, Pampanga; while his alleged killer was caught by the closed-circuit television (CCTV) of the establishment.

The victim was identified as Nelson Nagar, 23, a resident of Capalonga, Camarines Norte; while the suspect was identified as Ricky Borra, a resident of Buhi, Camarines Sur.

Based on the CCTV footage, Nagar went to the carwash around 1:30 a.m. looking for something.

"Makikita natin sa CCTV nung pumunta ang biktima, pabalik-balik siya sa loob tapos pinapatay-sindi niya ang ilaw," said Police Superintendent Paul Gamido.

Around 1:54 a.m., an argument was seen between Nagar and Borra. The suspect then punched Nagar and smashed the victim's head on the wall.

The suspect then carried the victim into the inspection pit of the carwash, where he smashed Nagar's head with a large piece of stone.

Borra left the carwash but came back in a few minutes and smashed the head of the victim for the second time using the large stone.

Borra then left the place together with his three children.

The local police are now looking for Borra, who will face a murder case.