EVERYTHING bears a story. It seems vague but it’s generally true. It’s a fact that applies as well in the glittering world of fashion.

Set at the Lobby Lounge in Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa, guests witnessed a riveting narration of Cebu’s culture and history and the exquisite presentation of couture and chocolate, as the Mugnâ saga continues.

Last April 9, the third installment of the series took place featuring the creations of two among the city’s celebrated fashion designers: Arcy Gayatin and Philip Rodriguez.

With models clad in all-white ensembles, presented first on the catwalk were the collections of Arcy Gayatin. The pieces were inspired by alimyon (fragrance), overall giving a whiff of fresh and contemporary designs. Up next came the collections of Philip Rodriguez, dubbed Handumanan evoking romantic tales of old Cebu through his creations. The show then culminated with his ode to the island’s flower industry in a breadth of floral accents.

With the afternoon not just highlighting fashion, guests indulged in the Lobby Lounge’s treats whisking them further into the depths of Cebu’s culture: the Chocolate High Tea with sweet delights made using Cebu cacao, and the Filipino Afternoon Tea, a snack reminiscent of the traditional merienda or light meal.

Moreover, in honor of the designers, special cocktails were served during the event and were named after the designers, apart from the Lobby Lounge’s selection of signature cacao-infused martinis. The Arcy, a fresh and fizzy gin-based mix with raspberry purée topped with lemonade; and the full-bodied Philip cocktail made with whiskey and orange bourbon among others with chocolate sprinkles.

The third run showcased the creativity of each artisan and also depicted that truly behind every crafted design, lies a stirring tale; from the sketch down to the intricate details. What story it possesses, unfurls in a billowing tale in motion.