TALISAY City Councilor Eduardo “Digul” Gullas III posted the most number of absences among the members of the City Council.

Gullas, who is serving his second term, have 60 absences from July 2013 to April this year, according to the records provided by the secretariat of the Talisay City Sangguniang Panglungsod.

Majority of Gullas’ reasons for absences were due to sickness.

The records also showed that the 25-year-old councilor have few ordinances and resolutions filed, with only 14, from 2013 until this year.

Gullas, who was elected councilor at the age of 18, was considered as the youngest elected official by the Philippine Councilors’ League in 2010.

The young city councilor was expected to follow the footsteps of his namesake and grandfather, former Cebu congressman Eduardo Gullas, when he first ran for city councilor in 2010.

The younger Gullas, who is still on his second term, opted not to seek a reelection for the May 9 elections.

Sun.Star Cebu tried to get Gullas’ side on the matter but calls and texts to his cellular phone were left unanswered.

Following Gullas is former mayor and Councilor Socrates Fernandez, with 24 absences.

Majority of Fernandez’s absences occurred last year when he was suspended from public office twice.

But Fernandez was able to make up the absences with much of his work at the City Council by passing 244 resolutions and ordinances from 2013 until this year.

Some city councilors, though, were diligent in attending their regular sessions.

Councilor Danilo Caballero, who heads the minority bloc, was only absent once since he started his second term from July 2013 up to the present.

Like Fernandez, Caballero filed 244 resolutions and ordinances.

Next to Caballero is Councilor Dennis Basillote, who only had two absences.

Basillote, who is on his last term as a councilor, filed 81 resolutions and ordinances since 2013.

First term Councilor Antonio “Jojo” Bacaltos Jr. had three absences, and filed 163 resolutions and ordinances.

Councilors Edward Alesna, Richard Francis Aznar, Aldin Diaz and Doroteo Emit have four absences each.

Alesna authored 209 resolutions and ordinances, while Aznar has 219. Alesna is serving his last term as a councilor, while Aznar is on his second term.

Diaz, a first term councilor, filed 136 resolutions and ordinances.

Emit, who is also a first-termer councilor, filed 102 resolutions and ordinances.

Vice Mayor Romeo Villarante incurred four absences since he started serving the city in 2013..

Association of Barangay Councils (ABC) president Raul Cabañero, who is an ex-officio of the City Council, had four absences since he started his term in September 2014.

Cabañero, who is also the barangay chief of Bulacao, filed 86 resolutions and ordinances.

Councilor Valeriano Ylanan incurred five absences since July 2013, and filed 110 resolutions and ordinances.