TALISAY City Mayor Johnny de los Reyes said he has fulfilled most of his campaign promises when he ran in 2013.

The first-term mayor, who seeks reelection today, told Sun.Star Cebu that the campaign promises that he fulfilled include his Adopt-a-Talisaynon and Elderly Employment Assistance programs.

The two programs mandate private institutions in Talisay City to prioritize the hiring of residents and those ages 30 and above.

The Talisay City Council approved two corresponding resolutions for their implementation during de los Reyes’ first year as city mayor.


Another accomplishment de los Reyes mentioned is the establishment of an “Indigent Pharmacy,” which allows the city’s poor constituents to buy cheap medicines.

He also mentioned the establishment of the “Text-to-the-Mayor” office, which allows the public to seek help from the City through text messaging. He said this has been useful during disasters and emergencies.

Not all

But de los Reyes lamented that not all of his promises in 2013 were fulfilled.

While he was able to successfully transfer more than a hundred vendors back to the old market in Barangay Tabunok, de los Reyes said he wasn’t able to fulfill his promise to construct a new market there.

De los Reyes said political motives from his opponents and former allies derailed his plans for a new market in Barangay Tabunok.