FOLLOWING several accusations of cheating during last Monday’s election, particularly the manipulation of vote counting machines (VCM), Commission on Election (Comelec) 7 Regional Director Jose Nick Mendros urged people to execute formal complaints.

“I am challenging them. Hope the legitimate claims will come out,” Mendros said.

He was asked to comment on a claim of a certain Erna Uy that she was paid to manipulate the VCMs in favor of Cebu City Mayor-Elect Tomas Osmeña.

In a Facebook post, Uy claimed that she is an employee of Comelec.

“Yes, it’s true we are paid P20,000 to do something with the PCOS machine (now VCM), the payment was done backdoor at our office. And now I’m resigning at Comelec. I feel guilty. True result: Michael Rama, 298,722; and Tommy Osmeña, 112,500,” read Uy’s Facebook post.


In the comment portion, Uy said 10 of her colleagues will speak in front of City Hall once Comelec will tell the truth and proclaim Rama as mayor.

Uy said she and her colleagues felt guilty over what they did, especially that she has three children.

As of 5:30 p.m., yesterday, Uy’s post shared on Mayor Mike Rama’s page already had some 1,200 likes, 2,870 shares and 195 comments.

Mendros said the public should not believe everything that they see and read on Facebook.

Kalokohan yan, those are allegations designed to discredit the credibility of the conduct of election. You (reporters) were there, sa precincts, sa canvassing and you see how transparent it is. Magsalita siya (Let her speak) and tell the truth kahit dito pa sa labas nga office namin (even outside our office). Pangalanan niya kung sino sino sa Comelec (Let her name who are these people in Comelec),” Mendros said.


Mendros said those with accusations of cheating must execute a formal petition before Comelec and should not only disclose it to the public.

“I am challenging her to talk and tell whoever the names, specify the facts and never allege without proving. You’re damaging the image of people who have been doing their job. They have the right to question the validity of the result, but never in the court of public opinion. File a protest, so that the court will be given the opportunity to examine each ballot. ‘Wag mo gawin ang protesta mo sa Media (Don’t do your protest in media),” he stressed.

Mendros said Uy has the burden of proof or has the responsibility to prove that her claim is true.

Mendros also said he couldn’t find Uy’s name on the list of Comelec employees and job-order staff.