BONTOC, Mountain Province -- Technical malfunctions in the transmission of election results from the eastern town of Paracelis has delayed canvassing of votes as well as the proclamation of winning candidates.

As of 4 p.m., May 11, the Commission on Elections in the province is yet to transmit the official votes canvassed from the ten municipalities to the national server.

Provincial Election Supervisor Elenita Tabangin-Capuyan said the election results from Paracelis have been transmitted to the provincial board of canvassers’ database but was reflecting a different result compared to the ones printed in the municipal ER.

The other municipalities of the province successfully transmitted election results by midnight of May 9, except for Natonin and Paracelis.

By mid-day of May 10, Natonin was able to transmit its election results.

The PBOC had to declare a recess starting 2 p.m., May 10 awaiting the election results from Paracelis to be transmitted.

Paracelis Municipal Election Officer Esteban Galingan had to travel at least eight hours from Paracelis to Bontoc, bringing with him the sim card containing the election results.

Upon arriving in Bontoc, they tried to automatically transmit the election results but failed. The PBOC re-convening at 9 p.m. decided to manually add the votes particularly for the provincial posts.

By 10 p.m. the PBOC proclaimed the winners for the Provincial Board.

Proclaimed as Board Members for District I were: Raul Lapon with 17,119; Stephen Afuyog with 16,686; Carino Tamang with 16,300 and Alfonso Kiat-ong Sr., with 15,552 votes. District I is comprised of the municipalities of Barlig, Bontoc, Natonin, Paracelis and Sadanga.

In District II, proclaimed as Board Members were: Francis Tauli with 19,227, Romeo Pagedped with 16,888, Donato Danglose with 16,383, and Salvador Dalang with 15,695 votes. The second district is composed of the municipalities of Bauko, Besao, Sabangan, Sagada, Tadian.

Governor Bonifacio Lacwasan Jr., who sought reelection as vice-governor, won by a landslide garnering votes of 59,304 against his lone opponent Albert Paday-os with 5,422 votes.

Lacwasan succeeded the gubernatorial seat in April this year following the untimely demise of Governor Leonard Mayaen. (JMP)