ONE of the Cebu-based support groups of vice presidential candidate Leni Robredo highlighted the need to rewrite Philippine history books to include the full story of the martial law era.

“Our group is strongly lobbying for correcting this revisionism in our history, teaching our educators and revising the textbooks so that we’ll put in the proper context the Martial Law,” said retired University of the Philippines professor Rhoda Bucoy yesterday.

Doris Mongaya, one of the “Women for Leni” press conference organizers, said the martial law era was the darkest days in Philippine history but history books don’t reflect the true context of that time.

“One major project that we will pursue after the elections is to rectify all the revisions in the history textbooks,” she said.

Mongaya, a martial law detainee, said she was surprised when she found out how her daughter’s textbooks dealt with the period.


Bucoy also acknowledged the shortfall on the part of educators like her.

“I could not blame the millennials for probably supporting the Marcoses, but the blame might be on the educators like us and on people born during the dark days of Martial Law for being complacent and maybe taking this for granted,” she said.

Bucoy is a member of the Coalition against Return of the Marcoses (Carma).

Carma is behind the viral social experiment video with martial law survivors contesting what millennials know about martial law.

Meanwhile, Robredo supporters denied that the Aquino administration has an alleged Plan B.

Atty. Levi Wee of Cebu For Leni said the camp of vice presidential candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. only want to cast doubts on an inevitable Robredo win.

Tigilan mo na ang Plan B, magplan-C ka na. Mag-concede ka na (Stop with the allegations of Plan B, come up with a Plan C. Concede),” Wee said.

The panel also dismissed allegations of cheating, saying Robredo supporters lack resources.

It said Marcos’s pronouncements were irresponsible because the allegations don’t have concrete evidence.


“When everything does not seem to be their liking, they want it stopped. Bongbong Marcos wanted or pleaded to the PPCRV to stop the counting. This is a very Marcos brand,” said Atty. Susan Chavez of Cebu Women for Leni.

The panel also said they trust the Commission on Elections and the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting.

Atty. Lourdes Barcenas of Cebu Volunteer for Mar-Leni said allegations that Robredo will be an administration puppet if proclaimed as vice president is an unkind remark, considering Robredo is a decent woman.

Echavez, who has done nongovernment organization work with Robredo, said Robredo told her she would support whoever is elected and would only refuse to cooperate if the policy is against her advocacy or is illegal.

Robredo is the top choice of Cebu for the vice presidential race. She currently leads in the national consolidation of votes. Lorraine Mitzi Ambrad, USJ-R Mass Comm Intern