THE Forum of Women for Action with Rody Duterte (Forward Women) hopes to implement the Women Development Code of Davao City in the national level during presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte's term.

Members of “Forward Women,” during the Duterte presidency transition team conference held at the Marco Polo Hotel Saturday, announced their interest in becoming part of Duterte's sub-committees to perform their basic agenda.

Former Davao City councilor Angela Librado acknowledged the city's Women Development Code of 1997 or Davao Women Code positively. saying that it became one of the basis for the Republic Act. 9710 or the Magna Carta of Women of the Philippines.

"We are inviting people outside Davao City to see that the Davao Women's Code is a result of the struggle of the women in the city in a collaboration with the council and our ‘president-elect’ Rodrigo Duterte", Librado said.

Gabriela representative Luz Ilagan also tackled the code's contribution of being a bible for the Women's Rights Movement in Davao City.

"Every time we are confronted with problems or ensuring that women are really part of the decision-making processes, we consult the Davao Women Code", Ilagan said.

Ilagan said that the women code has been amended and has become a model for other women codes in other parts of the country.

She also said that one of the important part of the code is the budget.

"Davao is much advanced compared to how national governments set the budget," she said.

The city has appropriated six percent of every 20 percent development funds for women's budget even with the Magna Carta's rule of five percent of every 20 percent in each Philippine agencies, Ilagan said.

With Duterte's support on the passing of the Davao Women's code in 1997, Professor Lourdesita Chan of Ateneo de Davao University said that the code have created an integrated gender and development office as a key body directly under the office of the mayor to execute the implementation of the code.

Chan said that the exertion of the gender equality in Davao must be seen in the whole country as well.