Wednesday July 18, 2018

Weekend violence: 2 dead, 2 hurt

TWO people died, while two other were injured in separate attacks in Cebu City and in the province over the weekend.

In Cebu City, homicide investigators are looking into a drug angle as the possible motive in the killing of 20-year-old Kevin Hames Erin on Cabantan St., Sitio Kalinaw, Barangay Luz at 2 a.m. yesterday.

Erin died on the spot after suffering five gunshot wounds in the different parts of his body.

SPO2 Wetzil Berry of the Homicide Section said that shortly before the attack, Erin was with his friends in front of a convenience store when a black vehicle arrived and the person onboard shot the victim.

Erin’s friends were spared from the shooting. They scampered to different directions. After the shooting, the vehicle headed to Archbishop Reyes Ave.

Five empty shells from caliber .45 pistol were recovered at the crime scene.

According to the information gathered by the investigators from Erin’s mother, the victim confided to her that he had borrowed P15,000 from a friend.

The mother, however, did not know what the money was for, but she suspected that his death may be related to drugs.

A security guard was injured after he was shot by a fellow security guard in an argument in Barangay Guadalupe.

Police identified the security guard as Vincent Monares Sundo, 23, of Sitio Dakit, Guadalupe.

He was allegedly shot by security guard Abrahan Olmoguez with a caliber .38 revolver.

In Sitio Ughay, Barangay Pung-ol Sibugay, 22-year-old Jomoar Rabadon Bontilao was hit and injured in the armpit after he was allegedly shot by Raymond Bontilao, a relative, at 11 p.m. last Saturday.

An old grudge was believed to be the reason in the shooting.

In Magcagong, Sibonga, farmer Magdaleno Rellon Purisima, 43, was shot to death by unidentified assailants.

The victim died from gunshot wounds in different parts of his body. He was rushed to Carcar City District Hospital, but Dr. Reo dela Peña declared him dead on arrival.

Investigators failed to find empty shells at the crime scene. The police was informed about the incident by Fermin Templanza.

Before the crime happened at 6:30 p.m., Purisima bought a gasoline from a store to refuel his motorcycle.

While walking toward his vehicle, the culprit blocked his way and shot him several times.

Meanwhile, a 23-year-old motorcycle driver died in the hospital an hour after he met an accident in Barangay Ilihan, Toledo City.

Police identified the casualty as Michael Seguros Aldaso, a resident of Barangay Tubigag Manok, Asturias.

Witness Roy Campo told traffic investigators that he saw Aldaso driving his motorcycle (GD-33871) on the lane heading toward Cebu City.

The vehicle later went to the opposite lane and collided with the approaching truck (MFE-708) driven by Rogelio Bartilic Apolonio, 50.

Aldaso, who suffered several wounds, was rushed by residents to Toledo City General Hospital where he later died.

Apolonio surrendered to the police stationed in Matab-ang substation.