A FETUS was found dead at Maa Cemetery in Barangay Bugac, Maa, Davao City, Monday evening, May 16.

Initial investigation conducted by Talomo police showed that the fetus was found by Floro Dayundon Orosio, 60, from Purok 13-A in Bugac, while he was doing his chores.

According to Orosio, he noticed a red plastic bag that was covered with flies and this piqued his interest to open the bag. He then discovered the fetus under a state of decomposition.

Police said the gender of the fetus cannot be determined, adding that it was believed to be abandoned by the mother whose identity has yet to be determined.

The fetus was brought to Angel Funeral Homes in Toril while police are already conducting follow-up investigation for the possible identification of the mother. (ICT)