TADECO Livelihood has been in the forefront of exporting stylish locally made products made from abaca for almost 20 years now. But it wasn’t until five years ago that it decided to open its flagship store, T’nalak Home, in Abreeza Mall. Its purpose? To make the well-crafted and well-designed products enjoyed by the rest of the world available at its place of birth.

Back then, TADECO Livelihood’s products, with constantly evolving designs, were showcased only at international fairs, which sold to foreign buyers. You may have caught sight of an interesting home products in your travels abroad and not know it’s made in the Philippines, in Davao to be precise.

Designer and manufacturer, Maricris Floirendo-Brias, decided the products should be made accessible to the Dabawenyos, thus she opened T’nalak Home. The boutique will serve as a showcase of the talent and craftsmanship of the locals, and the products designed by other Filipino designers across the country as well.

Today, T’nalak Home has become a constant stop for interior designers, architects and homeowners for their home accessory needs.

What is always exciting with T’nalak Home is that home decorators, both professionals and hobbyists, will always something new at the showroom. Regularly new designs are manufactured and showcased in both local and international fairs. After each exhibition, the products are displayed for sale and order.

The recent additions to the store’s collection have been exhibited in the recent buyer’s fair. The new design pays homage to the traditional “ikat” design.

On the hand woven t’nalak pillowcases in different sizes, an assortment of patterns in different color combinations are presented. Each are attractive and can make for a conversational piece, but it’s when the different patterns are mixed and matched that makes the total look striking, as it is with the other collections of pillowcases.

The tribal patterns find its way on the collection of handmade papers as well. Patterns mimic the weaving pattern of the local tribes and presented in vibrant hues.

All the paper products found in T’nalak Home are crafted by hand using natural fibers. The designs of the current collection are then printed on it. This products line make for great giftwrapping materials or covers for jacket of stationery sets, menus, etc. the like, which are also available for sale or order at the store.

The Coral Bowl makes another appearance but this time in grey. The design, which comes in three gradated sizes, are created by meticulously wrapping dyed abaca fibers set in place by malleable metal wires circling the coral shaped iron base. With or without content, the Coral Bowl is certainly a décor that will call attention.

New collections are something to look forward to at T’nalak Home. Things of beauty created from the abaca fiber, and when woven, the t’nalak, constantly evolving and finding its way in homes across the globe.

In Davao, where all these are given birth to, not only does TADECO Livelihood and T’nlak Home preserve the weaving tradition of the Mindanao local tribes, it also gives pride to the culture of the South through its world-class handcrafted products.


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