HOMICIDE investigators delve deeper into the case of the dead woman found in Sitio Tops after new evidence surfaced yesterday.

Senior Insp. Elisandro Quijano, chief of the Homicide Section of the Cebu City Police Office, said they found the case of Irene Flores mysterious.

Blangko man gud ang bana ug ang paryente sa biktima, wala puy information sa ilang pag-umangkon (Both the husband and their relatives have no idea who might have killed her. The nephew also didn’t have any information),” Quijano said.

He said they still have to determine the motive of the crime, but he ruled out rape as one of them since Flores’s undergarments remained intact.

Quijano said there were CCTVs on Gen. maxilom Ave. and Colon St. where the victim might have gone before the crime.

Flores was a direct seller and might have conducted business in the area.

He said the unidentified suspect hit Flores’s head with a rock, causing her death.

Contents of her phone and her husband’s will be submitted to the Cybercrime Unit of the police as traces of erased messages and calls turned up in the initial investigation.