AFTER the Mandaue City Government failed the Anti-Red Tape Act (Arta) report card survey last year, it immediately addressed the deficiencies.

Lawyer Jamaal James Calipayan, executive secretary of the Office of the Mayor, said the City did fail the first round of the Arta survey in 2015, but it remedied the situation right away.

“We do not want to be misled that Mandaue is a violator of Arta. Most of the provisions required by the Arta has been passed by Mandaue City, except only for those aspects that there was a violation of the no-noon break policy because an office turned off the lights, which is not allowed, and the (availability) of PWDs (persons with disability) and senior citizen ramp,” Calipayan said yesterday.

Civil Service Commission (CSC) Chairperson Alicia dela Rosa-Bala had divulged the results of the 2015 survey covering 65 local government units and government agencies delivering front-line services in Central Visayas.

Aside from Mandaue City, the Pagibig office in Bogo City and two offices of the Land Registration Authority also failed the Arta report card survey.


Mandaue City received a score of 78.90 (fail) on the first round of the survey.

After the City got technical assistance from the CSC, it ratings went up to 84.89 percent (good) in the second run of the survey.

Calipayan said they built ramps with the right elevation for PWDs and senior citizens.

He said it took the City six months to construct the ramps at City Hall and other offices.

As to the noon-break policy, Calipayan said it was true that the City Health Office turned off its lights during noon time, but they reprimanded the person concerned.

“We already adjusted our employees’ schedules. In fact, we now allow flexi-schedules so someone can attend to the public while others go to lunch,” he said in Cebuano.