THE national “Day of Mourning” last Sunday, May 3, 2015, is over!

Together with about 40 other family members and friends, we watched the Manny vs. Floyd fight last Sunday. When the winner was announced, moments of painful and uncomfortable silence filled the room. Our champ, the People’s champ, had lost the fight by unanimous decision, and by a huge gap!

No knockouts, No knockdowns, No “lucky” knockout punch was thrown. No major blunders, except perhaps in strategy. Neither was any fighter in any danger of being knocked down or being boxed into submission. They were both fit and well prepared. They could have gone on for another three more rounds! They were two worthy champions of the ring! It was one great fight in our generation, and we witnessed it live on TV!

Muhammad Ali had his famous “shuffle”; his “Float like a butterfly, and sting like a bee” description of his style; his ingenious “fighting on the ropes”, and “I am the greatest” boast.

Now, we have new terms in boxing: “do the Mayweather Hug” and “do the “Mayweather Run”. Well, we have a way of consoling ourselves!

Much has been written about what “could have been”, or “if only”, and so forth and so on.

Even unexpected revelations of a prior injury of Manny, came as a big surprise or as a big “excuse”.

Now there is talk of a “return bout”. Why not? The “fear” of facing one another, of facing the unknown, is gone!

People were willing to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for the fight! Maybe not as much for the next bout, but certainly close to that! Mr. Money will get an even bigger share next time, and that’s how it is. He remains undefeated! Is a trilogy in the making? Reality is, it is not only about sports, it’s about big, big Money!

Go Manny! Yes, You Can!

You are still the country’s champ and ambassador to the world!

My Dearest Family and Friends,

Life has its ups and downs.

It’s Manny’s turn to be down this time. But a hundred million dollars is great consolation!

40 years ago, I wouldn’t have minded going that route even for a tenth of that! But God gives each of us special talents. Boxing is Manny’s and Floyd’s!

As in everything, rewards await those who excel in their fields of endeavor.

In boxing, in other sports, in business, and even in speaking competitions, the “secrets” are similar.

Strive for excellence.

Have a Purpose to live for.

Be Passionate about your work.

Prepare and Practice.

Have Principles to live by

Have People to live with.

Have a Profession to live out.

Persist. Persevere and Pray!

For God in all you do, Be the Best you can Be!