CHILDHOOD connection.

Remember that field trip to the Coca-Cola plant you had when you're still in elementary?

Yup, those were exciting days. I got to relive that excitement recently when everybody’s favorite soda invited a few of the Davao media to the “Journey of a Bottle” tour at the 1974-built plant in Ulas, Davao City.

The child in me still got excited seeing how Coke, the world’s second most understood word (second only to ‘okay’) and the first soda ever drank in the moon (1985), is produced at an astounding number annually and nothing can beat chugging a freshly made and bottled cold Coke straight out of the production line.

What’s more impressive (and touching) is how the soft drink brand has improved the lives of people just by selling the product.

Millennials connect!

Ten people & their gadgets can connect via Smart Bro 4G Pocket WiFi.

That’s what BROkadas, Mindanaoan beauty queen MJ Lastimosa and volleyball athlete turned celebrity Gretchen Ho, shared on their recent trip to Davao.

The 4G pocket WiFi offers fast and reliable mobile connectivity for up to 10 gadgets, making it the perfect companion for sharing online fun with the barkada.

Affordably priced at P888, it’s a smart way to get connected.

Link creativity and fun

Fujifilm’s “Instax & Crafts” did just that in its DIY crafting event at the Abreeza Mall.

The event offered workshops on photography tips from photographer Jojie Alcantara and crafting pop-up banners using Instax photos from artisan April San Pedro.

Takuya Maeda of Fujifilm said that the event allows the participants to discover that photographs on a pop-up banner are one of the many ways they can display and preserve memories.

Everybody went home winners. Aside from the fun and experience, I got to take home photos of my favorite travel shots printed on a portable Instax printer at the event while the lucky few got to take Instax cameras with them.

Of Apples & Lemons

Connect. Fire & Ice is a weekend offering of Marco Polo Davao at The Deck. The hot off the grill fare (beef, pork, fish, chicken and sausages) plus ice-cold beer by the poolside make for a perfect weekend feast and relaxation. Fire dancers provide the entertainment.

3/5 Apples.

Connect. Rekado’s anniversary fare is made up of ten new delicious dishes that will be added to the existing menu. The Grand Pochero, Rekado Paella, Gambas, Sinigang na Tadyang sa Kamias and Callos are part of the new choices.

Expect the same bold flavors from the original menu. Each dish will stand on its own and each will have its own unique flavor.

5/5 Apples.

Disconnect from this countryside kitchen. I was the first to order a chicken sandwich, and 45 minutes later, when the rest of my dinner mates and the other diners who came after us were almost done eating, my order hasn’t arrived yet.

The apology came much later after cancellation with waitress asking if I wanted to order something else. Another half hour, a peace offering came a slice of cake, which I gave to a friend. Her comment: “Parang Dulce de Leche cake ng Tiny Kitchen pero uga version.” (Uga=dry).

I know I will never know what their food will taste like because I am not returning to that place.

5/5 Lemons.

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