IT IS NEVER a pleasant experience to be made to see one's bad side. More so when there is that self-absorbed belief that "I'm much better than that."

Then here comes President-elect Rodrigo Duterte who is speaking from the side of those who have entertained the evil side who has no qualms about telling it as it is.

"Mag prangkahan na tayo. It's better to tell the truth and agree on the truth. Rather than play bullshit with journalism. Church, journalism, politicians, police, all. There's a veil of hypocrisy. Let us unveil it so we can understand each other and live in a democracy that is run by truth, and not by vested interest of people who pretend. I will not stop. I can spend the whole six years of my presidency exposing you and attacking you... Boycott? Good if you disappear... I don't care if no one covers me... Make this trip your last in Davao," Duterte said upon the start of a press conference Thursday night at the Malacanan of the South in Panacan, Davao City.

Here is someone telling us, this is reality. It's not a comfortable place to be in and some journalists are shouting foul. The more circumspect are cringing but are quietly accepting the truth, because it is.

As Sun.Star Davao had often pointed out in several instances when the community is confronted, the first step is to admit the problem. This has been so in the never-ending search for peace in Mindanao where we have urged the people to first confront the individual prejudices and admit it exists. People simply have to admit that mainstream Filipinos have a deep-seated distrust of the Moro people. Only by admitting the existence of this elephant in the room can real healing start. Sad to say, very few are willing to admit this, so, there is still no healing till now.

Now, the incoming President is telling us, this is the reality.

Only when we truly admit it will the real solution spring forth.

This man is saying, there is a problem of corruption on all levels and sectors, let us all address and resolve it among our sectors. The first step: admit the problem, call out the elephant.