THE POLICE Regional Office (PRO)-Davao denied reports that Chief Inspector Arnold Ongachen, Gov. Generoso police chief, had been involved in illegal drug activities in Davao Oriental.

In a statement, PRO-Davao dismissed allegations by the New People's Army (NPA) who zeized Ongachen following a daring attack on the police station.

Days after, they came up with a statement claiming that the attack was due to the demands of the locals there.

Rigoberto Sanchez who identified himself as the NPA's secretary revealed that the police in Governor Generoso are protectors of the illegal drug activities in the province.

"In fact, we have seized some sachets of shabu from Ongachen's pocket," Sanzhez said in the statement.

In the wake of this development, president-elect Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte abandoned plans of rescuing the abducted policeman. He retorted that he will just leave the fate of Ongachen with the judiciary of the NPA.

The PRO-Davao, however, bluntly said that the accusation of the NPA is just "another propaganda attempt to justify the attack of a police station by enemies of peace who ransacked the evidence and stock room of the station".

"The PNP does not tolerate nor condone any of its member from engaging in illegal activities," the statement said.

The police said they welcome any investigation on Ongachen as long as he is accorded due process as guaranteed under the Philippine Constitution, Universal Laws on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Laws.

"Ang isang pulis ay tao ring may karapatan, may pamilya at may sariling buhay. Accord him his rights as a human being. No matter what good treatment you are claiming nothing can replace a person's freedom if he has not done anything wrong," the police statement said.

PRO-Davao also reiterated that the members of the PNP serve and protect the people, including the peasants and the Lumads (to which the rebel group was claiming as being harassed by the PNP).

If in any occasion of police harassment, the public is enjoined to name any member of the police force and present witnesses or evidence against anyone involved in the protection of land grabbing or whatever illegal activities.

"We will apply the full force of the law and the disciplinary mechanisms of the PNP (and Napolcom) against any erring police officer," police said.