TALISAY City Mayor-elect Eduardo Gullas told drug lords and other personalities involved in illegal drugs to get out of his city.

In a press conference, Gullas warns that he has a list of suspected drug lords in his city and he is not afraid to tell them to get out.

“Get out from Talisay, get out from the Province. I don’t care where you will be staying next, just not here. Because I’ll go hammers and tongs against them,” Gullas said.

He also believes that some barangay officials and police are connected to illegal drugs.

Gullas said the same thing when he was city mayor in 2001, when he held a dialogue with the drug lords in his city and urged them to get out. The dialogue was done with members of the local police.

He also plans to retain Supt. Germano Mallari as the city’s police chief.

Gullas had wanted to appoint his own local police chief but he wants to give Mallari a chance to prove himself.

But Gullas reiterates his refusal to put up a cash reward for local policemen who can kill criminals like what the Cebu City Government is doing now.

Earlier, Gullas told Sun.Star Cebu that while a cash reward could boost the local police’s morale, it could cause fatal consequences for criminals who are caught.

“I’m a lawyer and I cannot shake off my being a member of the Philippine Bar and the same time, officer of the court,” he said.

After he won the last elections, Cebu City Mayor-elect Tomas Osmeña issued a P50,000 cash reward to any policeman who can kill criminals.