WITH the start of the month of Ramadan yesterday, members of the Muslim community in Cebu prayed for the success of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s administration.

Aside from their usual special prayers dedicated to universal peace, Muslims in Cebu also prayed that the new president’s programs will be successful to ensure unity in the country.

Iapil sad namo sa among pangadye ang iyang mga gipanulti nga kaayohan sa tanan. Manghinaot mi ug motabang mi og ampo nga matinuod kay basin anang mga paagia matagamtam nato ang tinuod nga kalinaw (Maybe his programs can bring true peace in the country),” said Ustadz Aladin Ubpon, Imam and administrator of the Al-Khairiah Mosque in Barangay Mambaling, Cebu City.

Ubpon told Sun. Star Cebu that aside from their prayers for Duterte’s administration, they also pray for peace, not just for Muslims but for all.

Ubpon said that with the start of Ramadan yesterday, Muslims around the world are required to fast from dawn to sunset for a month.

Aside from food and drink, Muslims are required to fast from various things that give them pleasure.


Ubpon said that during Ramadan, adult Muslims who have not suffered from illnesses are obligated to fast.

Muslims who are sick during Ramadan are required to fast on the number of days that they were indisposed.

Aside from fasting, Muslims are also required to pray five times a day, along with nightly prayers called Tarawih.

During the last 10 days of Ramadan, Muslims are required to recite the Tahajud prayer which starts from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Aside from the prescribed prayers, reading of the Holy Quran is also required during Ramadan.

Ubpon said that Ramadan might end on July 6 or whenever the new moon appears.

Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, is derived from the Arabic word “Ramad,” which means to be intensely heated by the sun.

The word “Ramadan” was named because it was dedicated to the burning of sins.

After the month-long observation of Ramadan, Muslims will then celebrate Eid’l Fitr, or the festival of the breaking of the fast.