SUPREME Court (SC) Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno thanked Friday outgoing President Benigno Aquino III for his support for judicial reforms in the high tribunal.

"I thanked him for being very supportive of judicial reforms," Sereno said in an interview after her speech at the opening program of SC's 115th anniversary celebration.

According to Sereno, the judiciary has undergone many reforms during the Aquino administration.

"This is the first time that the judiciary has received money to build infrastructures and was able to obtain allotments for the very ambitious automation platform that we are trying to finish in 2019," Sereno said.

With this, Sereno said she is looking forward that Duterte will be supportive of judicial reforms in the judiciary just like Aquino.

"These reforms depend on the support of every administration. I think it's important that the judiciary is allowed to do its job well."

The chief justice has also assured the public that there will be less delays in the delivery of justice in the next years.

"Rest assured that the people will see less and less delays and shorter timelines," she said.

Sereno then urged the public to pray to God that every member of the judiciary will remain "independent, honest, competent, healthy and diligent in finishing all work load" in the next six years.

Meanwhile, Aquino thanked all Filipinos who believed in his capacity to serve the country for six years and transform the Philippines from being the "The Sick Man of Asia" to becoming a role model to other countries.

"In all honesty, it is a big honor to give me the mandate to serve a great ethnicity like the Philippines. To all the challenges I face, I am certain that you all back me up (so) we’re able to overcome all we have encountered," Aquino said in an exit interview with state-run Radio-TV Malacañang.

“Perhaps, I can say that other countries look at the Philippines as no longer Sick Man of Asia but a role model to them. That will not happen without all of you, who are tracking our programs and keeping in contact in the other mode,” he added.

The President admitted that in his first days in office, he supposed that six years are long enough to do his job but eventually realized that such period is “too short” to fulfill what he is able to accomplish.

Aquino added that when he steps down from office, he will surely miss interacting with his fellow countrymen.

“Perhaps, I will miss the interaction with my fellow countrymen,” the President said. “Thank you for staying with me and I hope that we are all focused on how we will lift the country.”

Aquino will leave his office on the morning of June 30 as President-elect Rodrigo Duterte is set to take his oath as the new Chief Executive.

As an ordinary citizen, the President said it is a relief now that the responsibility as the country’s leader will be passed to Duterte.

“When I go home, I can now perhaps smile because physically and literally, a big responsibility that is given to me will be cut down. I then have to adjust to stay to our home again,” he said. (Sunnex)