A LOCAL business leader welcomed the incoming administration’s intention of getting rid of illegal activities, but stressed the need to still to stick to the law.

Alfredo Barcelona, president of Bacolod Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BFCCCI), said they are absolutely not amenable to execution, or the act of killing someone especially as punishment for a crime.

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte had earlier made strong statements that he will go after criminals, especially drug pushers and dealers, and kill them as long as the requirements of the law are there.

Duterte also said he would give security forces “shoot-to-kill” orders against organized criminals or those who violently resist arrest.

Barcelona, however, said that proper investigation in determining the facts behind every crime committed should still be part and parcel of the case before enforcing punishment.

“There is a law to follow, otherwise, we will have a problem,” he said.

The business leader further said there is no question about the intention to lower down crime rates as it will improve the business climate, and could attract more businesses.

“But we maintain our stand on still following the law,” Barcelona said, adding that authorities should stick to law-guided means of resolving crimes, “as much as possible no to killings unless there is death penalty.”

The tough-talking Duterte had earlier said he will urge Congress to restore death penalty by hanging.

“Should there be a change in the justice system, like imposition of death penalty, following the law should still prevail,” Barcelona pointed out.

On June 2, a body of a man, whose forearm and hand were amputated, was found in Talisay City. The murdered man was linked to various theft cases.

The police, however, dismissed reports that a vigilante group was responsible for the crime.

Moreover, police records showed that since the start of the year, at least one person is slain everyday in Negros Island Region.

Records of Police Regional Office (PRO)-Negros Island showed that on the average, based on their assessment from January to May this year, seven persons were murdered per week and that is equivalent to one murder daily.

Majority of these cases were due to grudge and drunkenness, the police said.

For the business community, Barcelona said these incidents cause alarm to the business sector thus, it is a concern that needs to be addressed and resolved.

“If these crimes were committed whether by persons in authority, by alleged vigilante group, or by ordinary people, then we have to cut them down because killing remains something that is illegal, Barcelona added.