WHEN her husband Ramil Onod Empleo, an overseas worker, went missing last April 12, Haide reportedly did not seek police help to locate him.

Yet homicide investigators learned that when the gamecock of Haide’s alleged lover, SFO1 Richard Sacedon, was stolen, she reported the matter to the Liburon Barangay Hall in Carcar City.

Last April 14, Ramil’s body was found dumped in Sitio Inad, Barangay Tabunan, Cebu City.

A “concerned citizen” had identified him.

Three days earlier, Ramil, 40, arrived in Cebu and returned to Sitio Kalindoy, Liburon at 8 p.m.


Around 10 p.m., some residents told homicide investigators from the Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) that they heard several gunshots.

Ramil was nowhere to be found the next day.

A witness saw Haide with Sacedon and the fireman’s nephew Jerome Sacedon Fernandez carrying a body in Liburon on the night of April 11.

Haide was holding a flashlight.

A team from the CCPO Homicide Section led by SPO2 Wetzel Berry and SPO2 Marvin Insong conducted the investigation because the victim’s body was found in Cebu City.

Berry said they have strong circumstantial evidence that can prove that Haide connived with Sacedon and Fernandez to kill Ramil. “When her husband… was missing, she didn’t give even a little concern of reporting it to (the) proper authority,” said the investigators in their joint-affidavit.

SFO1 Sacedon and Fernandez were charged last Monday with murder before the Office of Cebu City Prosecutor.

Investigators also named Haide as a respondent in the parricide complaint.

The complaints will undergo preliminary investigation and the respondents will be required to submit their counter-affidavits.


In a radio dyHP report, Sacedon, a member of the Parian Sub Fire Station, said he will answer the allegations.

Cebu City Fire Marshal Rogelio Bongabong said they will also place him under investigation.

Witness Win (not his real name), 69, identified Ramil through the latter’s necklaces and bracelets. The victim also had RAM KSA tattooed on his right upper arm and a nylon string (habak) around his waist.

Berry and Insong together with PO3s Winston Ybañez, Rufino Paelmao and Nicolo Gonzales went to Liburon nine times to gather evidence and to convince witnesses to issue a statement.

Insong said Haide initially told them she did not know Ramil, but she later admitted he was her husband.

Investigators found a picture of the couple with their child in the compost heap behind their house. They also found Sacedon’s cap and picture in the Empleo house.

Web of lies

Haide, during her visit to the Homicide Section last April 28, denied her husband was in the country.

However, she later claimed Ramil’s body from the funeral home two days later.

Police have three witnesses: two women and a man.

Investigators asked Sun.Star Cebu not to identify them for security reasons.

Win, in his judicial affidavit, said he was sitting in a shanty when a taxi carrying Ramil stopped near him around 9 p.m. last April 11.

He said Ramil called out to him and told him he had some presents for him.

“Moments later, I followed him to his house as what he said. While approaching, I heard a person yelling for help, then (a) burst of gunfire from inside the house rang out,” said Win.

The witness hid and later saw the suspects “carrying something wrapped in clothes.” Haide used the flashlight to guide their way to the water reservoir behind the Empleo house.

Sacedon and Fernandez later placed what they were carrying in the back of the black multicab.

The fireman drove while Haide sat beside him. Fernandez stayed in the back.